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Christopher J. Wood

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights NY, USA

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I am one of the developers of Quantum Information Software Kit (QISKit), an open source software library for quantum computing. My contributions include:

  • Quantum information library.
  • Quantum state and process tomography library.
  • Quantum simulators.


I am one of the lead developers of QuantumUtils for Mathematica: a Mathematica software library for symbolic and numerical simulations of quantum systems, and various tools useful for quantum information science.

Some features of this library include:

  • Multi-partite tensor manipulations.
  • Quantum system modeling including qudits, circuits, spins, and cavities.
  • Symbolic Lie algebra simplification for spin and cavity systems.
  • Quantum channels in multiple representations.
  • Numerical and symbolic simulators for open and closed quantum system evolution.
  • An implementation of GRadient Ascent Pulse Engineering including distortions.
  • Perturbative expansion tools such as the Magnus series, the Zassenhaus formula, and matrix power series
  • Visualization functions for displaying matrices, quantum states, data etc.

For more details visit the QuantumUtils website.